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Bhanga Nek, or KwaDapha, is situated in north eastern KwaZulu-Natal, 15Km south of the Mozambique border.

Bhanga Nek is the perfect family holiday destination,
with endless golden beaches, rock and surf as well as
lake and estuary fishing, pristine dune forests
and quaint accommodation establishments.

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Bhanga Nek Accommodation

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Black Rock, KZN South Africa

Places to visit from Bhanga Nek

Kosi Bay
Castle Rock
Black Rock
Dog Point
Island Rock
Rocktail Bay
Lala Nek

Things to do at Bhanga Nek

Fishing - Rock & Surf
Fishing - Kosi Bay Lakes
Fishing - Kosi Mouth
Hiking Trails
Bird watching
Turtle Tours - Bhanga Nek

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Bhanga Nek Map

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Bhanga Nek Information

Bhanga Nek is in the middle of one of the most untouched stretches of the South African coastline. This little piece of paradise is situated at the southern shore of the Kosi Bay lake system. Bhanga Nek lies 12 km south of the Kosi Mouth and 15 km south of the Mozambique border and about 60km north of Sodwana Bay. Most of the Bhanga Nek area is accessible only by 4x4 because of the condition of the network of sandy tracks within the northern section of the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park. The inaccessibility of the area is the main reason the Bhanga Nek area has remained relatively untouched for so long. Most of the camping sites and accomodation establishments are accessible with any vehicle.

Bhanga Nek and the surrounding areas offer a variety of activities including turtle tours in the summer, fishing, kayaking, boat cruises, hiking, birdwatching, snorkeling and just relaxing on Bhanga Nek beach. From Bhanga Nek, one can explore the entire Maputaland coast and visit beautiful places like Kosi Mouth, Black Rock, Castle Rock, Dog Point, Island Rock and Ilala Nek. All these places are within a 2 hour drive from Bhanga Nek.

Bhanga Nek has been in the news recently because of illegal accommodation establishments and camp sites built without the permission of the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Authority. All the illegal accommodation at Bhanga Nek has been demolished and the guilty parties handed hefty fines and suspended jail sentences. These illegal developments were not the only camps and campsites at Bhanga Nek area and there is still plenty of accommodation and camping area available at Bhanga Nek and in the Bhanga Nek area.

All the accommodation facilities at Bhanga Nek consist of rondavels and chalets build from natural building materials including reeds and palm leaves. Bhanga Nek camping sites are shady and comfortable with easy access to the Bhanga Nek Beach and Lake Nhlange, also known as the Kosi Bay Third Lake. All the Bhanga Nek accommodation establishments are owned by members of the local community who depend entirely upon tourism to make a living.

The Bhanga Nek accommodation facilities all have hot water and flush toilets with rustic but comfortable accommodation and are reasonably priced. The accommodation at Bhanga Nek is not right on the Bhanga Nek beach, but the beach and the Kosi Lake are within five minutes drive from the Bhanga Nek accommodation establishments.

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What to bring along to Bhanga Nek

If you are going to be visiting Bhanga Nek, you need to bring all supplies and drinking water with you. Bhanga Nek has only a small spaza shop where basic essentials like beer, cigarettes and salt can be purchased. If you are going to be staying in one of the camp sites at Bhanga Nek, remember that there is no electricity. Some of the camps have generators which run for a few hours in the evening mainly to power the lights.

Other essentials are sunscreen, fishing tackle, walking shoes , snorkeling gear, all necessary camping equipment.and extra fuel if you plan on exploring Maputaland.

Bhanga Nek Turtles

From October to March, loggerhead and Leatherback turtles nest at Bhanga Nek and all along the Maputaland coast. Turtle Tours at Bhanga Nek can be arranged through guides in the local community. No members of the public are allowed to walk on the beach at night during the turtle nesting season (November - March) but fishing is allowed with due consideration to the turtles (no bright light, don't approach them etc.). If you do see a turtle on the beach during the daytime, please do not approach. Contact us for more information about the Bhanga Nek turtles or turtle tours.

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