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The Kosi Bay area has a wide variety of fishing spots for rock and surf fishing and lake fishing.
Whether you are a fly fisherman, artificial lure fisherman or a papgooier,
the variety of excellent fishing spots and diversity of species to target,
will keep you coming back for more.

Fishing in Bhanga Nek and Kosi Bay

When fishing Kosi Bay, the main target species in the Kosi Bay Lake system are Grunter, Kingfish, Rock Salmon/Red Snapper, Yellowfin Bream and pick-handled pike.

Fishing at Kosi Bay along the coast, one can expect to catch Kingfish, Red Snapper, Specked Snapper, lemon fish, rock cod, sharks and rays.


Grunter love Kosi Bay because the first and second lakes have very healthy populations of sand prawns (Cracker Shrimp), which they blow from the sand in the shallower area. Grunter are caught on sand prawn and sardine bait on light tackle.

The favorite way of fishing for grunter at Kosi Bay is long lining, which entails taking lines out from the shore using a boat or a kayak, dropping them in deep water and leaving the baits to soak.

Long line fishing at Kosi Bay sounds simple, but can result in huge line tangles if the lines are dropped incorrectly.


Kingfish are predatory fish and are caught in all of the Kosi Bay lakes and from the sandy and rocky shore at Bhanga Nek, Black Rock, Island Rock, Mabibi, Goby's Point and 9 mile point. Kingfish are caught on artificial lures including Rapalas and soft plastics including 'drop shot' lures. These lures can be trolled or cast in the Kosi lakes and cast while fishing from the beach or rocky shore.

Surface plugs also work well in the surf, but if there are any rocks in the vicinity, make sure your tackle can take the punch or you will be wasting your time and leaving a beautiful fish with a hook and line attached to it!

Kingfish are often seen feeding on sprats in the first and second lakes, but spook easily when approached by boat.

Livebait is obviously the best bait for Kingfish, and pouter, mullet and glassies all produce good catches. If you cant get live bait, use big fillet baits or sand prawn or crab.

Rock Salmon

Rock Salmon/Red Snapper, are caught mainly at night on live bait or smelly fillet baits. Rock Salmon like structure and can be targeted along reed beds at night in all three of the Kosi Bay Lakes

Fishing Spots

Kosi Bay Fishing - Lake System

The First lake (closest to the sea), is almost as saline as the ocean, and is up to 12 meters deep in places. Grunter can be caught from the northern and southern bank of the lake. Big Kingfish are caught on livebait in the first lake. Sand Prawns/Crackers can be collected by permit holders only. Bait permits are available at the KZNCS offices at Kosi Bay.

The Second lake is up to 18 meters deep in places, and one often sees Kingfish feeding on sprats along the drop-offs. Dense populations of Sand Prawns attract Spotted Grunter to the Kosi second lake. The reed beds along the banks make for good Rock Salmon fishing at night.

The Third lake is the shallowest, but largest of the Kosi Bay lakes. Trolling Rapalas works for Ignobilis and Big-Eye Kingfish. Yellowfin Bream are caught on anchor or drift with sardine or sand prawn.


Bhanga Nek Fishing - Rock and surf fishing

Fishing at Bhanga Nek in the daytime is best off the rocky shelf, and into the deeper channels along the beach. About 4km north of Bhanga Nek, there is broken rock in the surf zone, good for reef fish, but big Kingfish are difficult to land there.

Fly fishing and dropshot fishing at Bhanga Nek produces good catches of Ignobilis, Three Spot Pompano, Green Spot Kingfish and Garfish.


Black Rock

Black rock, about 20km south of Bhanga Nek, has deep water off the front of the rock, but landing a big fish off the front is difficult because of the height above water level. The Black Rock Bay is excellent for fly fishing and offers sheltered conditions when the south west busters come through. A permit is required to visit Black Rock. These can be bought at Manzengwenya and the KZNCS offices at the Third lake